The Protected Places Declaration - Ontario Nature

Testimonials and Quotes

"Reconciliation between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Canadians, from an Aboriginal perspective, also requires reconciliation with the natural world. If human beings resolve problems between themselves but continue to destroy the natural world, then reconciliation remains incomplete. This is a perspective that we as Commissioners have repeatedly heard: that reconciliation will never occur unless we are also reconciled with the Earth. – Page 18, Executive Summary to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report, 2015. 

“Canada is trying to comply with its obligations under the Convention on Biological Diversity, to protect 17 percent of our lands and waters and to incorporate Indigenous Knowledge. So we’re at the stage where we can shape this. There are leaders who will listen to what we have to say.” – Larry McDermott

“This is the opportunity of a lifetime. Seventeen percent is a drop in the bucket. We just have to do it. There is no economic return for destroying our world. There is none.” – Chris Craig

“We share the same canoe, and it’s time for the paddles to hit the water. We are in fast water now, and we need all the wisdom we have to guide us through.” – Rick Beaver

“I love nature with all my heart. My wallet may be empty but my heart is filled with the joy of walking together. Let us fight for what we have. Close your eyes and listen to the birds.” – Miptoon

“If we take care of our homeland, it will take care of us. We consider ourselves water people, and believe everything on earth is alive. Water is alive, it hears us, feels us, sees us.” – Chief Patricia Faries

“Our job is to take care of our connections to Creation and to the Creator, and through this process like minds will come together, and will converse.” – Dan Longboat